The Tooth and the Whole Tooth (About Acid Wear)

The Tooth and the Whole Tooth (About Acid Wear)

I get a lot of questions regarding acid wear and as there is a lot of information or misinformation it can all be confusing. So I thought this maybe a great blog topic as we are heading into the spring months and enjoying are favorite fruits and salads that are bountiful this time of year in Scottsdale.  I am mainly going to discuss extrinsic acid attack which is primarily from the beverages we consume.

The definition of acid wear also known as acid erosion is the wearing away of the protective enamel (the whitest part of your tooth) caused by exposure to everyday foods and beverages.

Jeopardy fans take note!

I’ll take Tooth for $200: Hardest substance in the human body

Question: What is enamel.

I know I can be a geek but seriously this is good stuff!!!

Okay back to the blog….

Acidity is defined as having a low ph which is common in citrus, vinaigrettes, and carbonated beverages softens the enamel over time. This softening leads to the yellowish look of the teeth as the dentin (inner part of the tooth) shows through. Over time the teeth have a yellowish tint to them and are vulnerable to tooth decay and sensitivity. Also existing composite resin fillings start to deteriorate making teeth more vulnerable to cavities needing root canal therapy. Teeth look dull and lifeless as the enamel translucency is gone. Here is an example of tooth decay with loss of resin due to patient’s consummation of high energy drinks:

And here’s the kicker: acid wear is NON-REVERSIBLE. Once precious enamel is lost you do not grow it back!!! Remember Gollum? I think this is what he was really after…


I hope you guys enjoyed that as much as I did!!!

Okay so acid wear is bad so does one have to avoid drinking and eating to prevent it? Well first lets start off with the worst culprits some of which you may already be familiar with.

So instead of consuming these:

Consume more of these:


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