Getting Drilled by the Recession

Whatever your vote this November will be one thing both candidates are campaigning on is getting the economy going again and getting people back to work. They may differ in philosophies and how to get the job done but it the end they will have to fulfill their campaign promises. The people of the United States will have to hold either candidates feet to the fire.

How does the recession affect dentistry? Patients who have lost their job have lost their dental insurance and patients with jobs are holding on to their money with an uncertain economic outlook. Patients are putting off treatment that they need to get done now. Whether they are in pain or not they are simply playing the waiting game.

I believe that the way to combat the recession is to work with our patients to be able to afford dental care. We have worked with our lab and suppliers to reduce their costs which in turn help us reduce our costs to our consumers. Another way we help make dental care affordable is by using Power Pay®.  This allows the patient to make interest-free affordable monthly payments usually paid off within six months. There are no third party lender approvals and no patient is ever turned away.  Finally we are negotiating higher payments from insurance companies which lowers the out of pocket payments the patient owes.

A patient came to me with no insurance and no job and with a broken front tooth and no job prospects. “Who would hire me looking like this” she said. Working with her limited finances and help from her mother we got her smile fixed. She just informed my office that she got a job and is saving up to get more of her teeth fixed!!!

So whatever your situation let us help you get through these tough economic times and let’s all look ahead for a brighter future!!! BTW I am not running for political office or anything!!! I just want to fix my patient’s teeth!!! LOL!!!

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