A Tale of Two Teeth

There has been a new crop of gap-toothed models in the fashion industry. This is not a new trend as we can look back at celebrities such as Madonna and Lauren Hutton sporting wide gaps in their smile.  Some say it’s a trademark that separates them from the bevy of current models and talent.








It is certainly identifying like Cindy Crawford’s mole.  Remember Cindy had a hard time breaking into the modeling world as she was not “pretty” enough and that her mole was too distinguishing. Well Cindy is laughing all the way to the bank as she has been one of modeling IT girls and one of most financially successful at that.

Meet the latest model to sport the gap-toothed look, Victoria’s Secret newest Angel:

Jessica Hart.

Does this mean that we are not straightening our teeth anymore? Well not quite, even the ancients wanted to straighten their teeth. Archeologists have found mummified bodies with crude metal bands around their teeth but instead of a metal wire they found catgut and no they did not come in different colors! They have also found orthodontic appliances which date back to 5000 BC used in ancient Greek, Etruscan, and Roman cultures. But it wasn’t until the 1970’s when the first bracket was attached to the tooth with dental adhesive that modern Orthodontics became mainstreamed.

Fast forward to today, the American Association of Orthodontics estimates 4.5 million Americans are currently wearing traditional braces or some type of appliances to help straighten their smile.  Over 1.7 million people currently use Invisalign®, in which teeth are straightened with a series of clear aligners.

So straightening teeth in my opinion will be here to stay.


To gap or not to gap; here are some of the reasons NOT to gap!!!

  • Improve phonetics
  • Improve tooth symmetry and facial harmony
  • Improve oral hygiene
  • Improve gum contours
  • Prevent “sucking” in of upper lip and tongue


As the modeling industry tries to push yet another “trend”, anyone remember the “heroin chic” look, I say let’s push back with straight, gapless and beautiful smiles!!!

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